"Road Trip Ready" Class A - $9,500 (Bend)

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condition: good
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 41800
paint color: custom
rv type: class A
size / dimensions: 33'
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
We bought this lovable lady because we wanted to take a family road trip. Put the new tires on, had everything checked out, and took off to Boston and back in summer 2021. Fabulous. Ready to road trip again.

New tires. New batteries for chassis and cabin. New master brake cylinder. New starter. Filled tanks of gas, propane, and water. New, current tags and clean title. Liability insurance is $150/year. This rig is Ready to Roll.

The 1991 Chevy 454 engine is great. Not only is it a workhorse of an engine, it is SO easy to get parts for. When the starter needed to be replaced, it was a $54 part at the small-town parts shop and took me literally 25 minutes to swap out. Mechanics get a funny look on their face when you ask them to work on an RV, but if you say "can you please run some new plug wires and pop on a new distributor on a 454 engine" (which we did) they immediately relax into confidence.

You've never thought a 33' RV could go for a "cute" award, but it's almost a guarantee that if you drive it near where pedestrians are walking you will see them nudge each other and read their lips as they say "Sweet Rig!" and the like. Today that happened on my way back from the gas station. It gets normal.

But, there are problems, too! The gas tank did something funny in Wyoming and I haven't had it looked at. Now it registers a full tank and drops the gauge as you drive, but when the gauge says you have half, it runs out of gas. Can't explain that--we have just worked around it and kept it topped off. The driver's window was cracked when we bought it and the local glass company said it would cost $1000 to replace. So I thought "might as well try driving with it this way and replace in Chicago if it's annoying"--and sure enough after we got on the road I stopped noticing the cracks. The listed price takes that $1K window replacement into consideration.

When we were boondocking for more than one or two nights I pulled out a solar charger for the house battery. That comes with the rig, to you.

No slide-outs, which is a GREAT thing in my opinion. I talked to so many RV owners on our travels, and the number who had (expensive) issues with their slides boggled the mind. We slept two people on the queen mattress in the bedroom, two on the pull-out sofa, and we rigged another sleeping area across the front seats, so (while tight) we had five adult-sized people sleep in this rig on many a night. Often we'd be visiting family with a guest room, though, so we'd just as often only have 2-3 sleeping in the motorhome and the others would be quartered elsewhere.

Hard-top for the win. Never have to reseal this one.

I'd take it on another long road trip. It's ready. 42K miles.

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