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Here's the deal people. I really need to find Zoey a new home. However, I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to commit to rehoming our dog unless I find someone who promises that they will be able to keep her until the end of her life. I adopted her about three years ago when she was 1.5 years old and she was skin and bones, abused, and horribly timid. She's recovered from that now and is quite spunky when warmed up to you. Her anxiety causes her to act out when unattended so she needs someone who can be around more consistently. I can't stand the thought of her bouncing around homes for the rest of her life but I just can't give her her best life and it's not fair to her. She is NOT for the beginner dog owner. Let me be totally honest with you about my Zoey Girl:

-She is a trash hound. She WILL eat anything edible you put in the garbage. I'm talking knock over the garbage can and dig through it all by spreading it throughout the house and eating it in her bed and probably your bed.
-She WILL eat any speck of food on the counter, table, stove, you name it. She even tried to climb the refrigerator once to get someone that was on the top of the fridge.
-She WILL pee or poop in the house if you leave her to roam free when you leave the house for any period of time.
-She WILL NOT play with another dog unless it's on her terms. She is timid and will submit to all other dogs.
-She is always cold. If she's cold in the middle of the night she WILL wake you up to tell you so.
-She WILL run away and take her own adventures if she's not contained. She will find the weak spots in your fence and find a way out. She always returns, but only when she damn well pleases.
-When she runs off, she WILL go through your neighbor's garbage cans and she will not clean up after herself.
-She WILL NOT always come when she's called unless she has a training collar on.
-She WILL get in your face and chomp her teeth together when she's hungry, thirsty, needs to go outside, or another dog is laying on her bed and she needs you to get that dog to move so she can lay down.
-She WILL get on the furniture even when she knows she shouldn't.
-She requires a grain-free diet.

-She's honestly the sweetest dog and is incredibly gentle with you or your kids.
-She is 100% kennel trained and sleeps in it even when she's not required to go in.
-She will sleep all day long and be lazy around the house if you're home.
-She has a very silly personality and will make you laugh consistently.
-She responds well to a Thunder Jacket for her anxiety in the car and around other dogs.
-She will happily be little spoon all night long and is a great cuddler when warmed up to you.
-Loves walks and walks well on a leash. Is great at the dog park because she's friendly and non-confrontational.
-Is TOTALLY mellow 99.9% of the time.
-Has had no health problems to date. She's small for a Great Dane so thankfully that means some of the major health issues they normally have won't be an issue for her other than the occasional ear infection.
-She loves dog bones, but doesn't really understand or have interest in dog toys. Think it's because she never had them as a puppy due to her poor environment. She's never taken to playing with anything since I've had her. She does like stuffed animals to suck on though (???) and will pick a favorite one to carry around with her.
-She hardly ever barks unless another dog is barking.

I love her so much that I recognize I'm not capable of giving her what she needs to be her happiest self. She needs someone who's home more often, preferably works from home or is retired, a securely fenced yard, and ideally she'd be the only dog or in a home with an older dog. She has her quirks but is really a very very sweet girl who needs a full-time companion and I can't be that person right now or anywhere in the foreseeable future due to my career.

I'm posting this to see if there's anyone out there who wants a lazy, food driven companion and can accommodate her lifestyle. She will take some time to warm up but once she gets there she'll be loyal to you until the end. Let me know if this person is you.

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