Urgent Rehoming female Maltishon, urgent (NE Bend)

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Very soon hopefully. Our dog needs a new home, and we hope the exact, right, special person finds this message. This is one lovely, sweet, independent, strong-willed, and complex personality. We are going to try to explain her the best we can. She is a Maltese-Bishon mix, commonly referred to as a Maltishon, white, hypoallergenic, about 11 pounds, female, spayed, shots, 8 years old. Maltishons are known to live approximately 13 to 15 years.

Our kids have grown and are no longer at the house, and due to various circumstances we are unable to keep her, provide her a home, and take care of her like she needs, and we desperately want to avoid surrendering her to the humane society; we are hoping someone will be her new family. She loves being around us, will bury her head in your lap, play with her toys to exhaustion and sleep all night long. She is as smart as any dog we have ever known.

Here are the unique parts that require the right dog lover to take her home. She wants to be around people but is weary and anxious to the point that a vet or groomer cannot easily work with her. She turns from the sweetest pup to contentious in a flash under pressuring situations. Good luck getting her into a dog crate. She is really the same with us if we go to groom her, bathe her or similar. This has made it difficult to even keep her up as she should be. She believes she is a 100-pound dog, and acts like it. By that, we mean she typically will stay outside for hours, will live in the dirt if she can find it, will wander the yard, and will even stay outside all night long over coming into a warm, soft bed. She could be a ranch dog as much as a lap dog. She would be perfect and thrilled to follow someone around outside with horses and other animals all day long or just be outside all day long. She will keep her distance from guests and will alert you to their presence.

If you have the time, skills and heart to take her in, we are certain she can transform into an awesomely, well behaved dog. She is already awesome, but difficult due to the above. We cannot put it into words, but she is absolutely a special, sweet, great dog.

Please let us if you feel you can provide the right home for this sweet dog. Thanks. I think CL requires a fee to rehome, 20$, which could be waived if needed after we are sure we all agree a perfect home. Thanks.

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