Friendly cat looking for a new home! (Bend)

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Our wonderful cat Loki (m) is ready for a new home. We recently welcomed our daughter into the world, and unfortunately we are finding that we don’t have enough time & energy to give Loki the attention he deserves. If you or someone you know is looking to add some furry feline fun into your lives, then please read on!

Loki was born to a barn cat in the Skagit Valley in April of 2018. He spent the first couple months of his life running around a farm, being stuffed into the pockets of the little farm kids, and taught the ways of outdoor yet very friendly cats. As we drove him home from the farm, he immediately revealed his personality. Loki was, and is, a scaredy cat. He tucked his tiny little kitten self under the seat and never emerged. Fortunately, he has now learned that friendly people are worth emerging from his shell for, and is remarkably affectionate.

Loki is a big cat, and an impressive athlete, easily capable of scaling tall fences and leaping onto rooftops. He is the consummate dog-cat - he lives for physical affection, and will tolerate almost any kind from anyone (once he gets over his initial terror). In Loki’s mind, all attention is good attention. He is at his happiest curled up on your lap. Of course, he has his challenging traits. He was the runt of the litter, and is still food-stressed. He will gain weight if his portions are not closely monitored. He is a mighty hunter (he once brought in a dead rabbit!), but rarely eats his kills. Besides the typical dead animal presents, he occasionally gives us live ones, for everyone’s entertainment… The best thing about Loki is that you can pick him up and love him no matter what. Unconditional love!

Loki is very low maintenance (feed him twice a day, that’s it!). He is accustomed to 24/7 outdoor access. Fortunately, after 6 years of negotiating coyotes, owls and cars, he seems to be quite savvy at staying alive. Because he is outdoors so much, we don’t regularly maintain a litter box for him, but we do keep a backup box available, which is only used when there is deep snow on the ground.

He is in good health, is fully vaccinated, neutered, and gets yearly vet checkups. He has some dental hygiene issues (we should brush his teeth…) and must be kept from eating too much.

We hope that Loki ends up in a home with lots of love.

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