Chicken Feed - Non-GMO Corn/Soy Free, Layer/Grower/Starter/Other - $46 (Bend Oregon)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Union Point
model name / number: Livestock Feed
size / dimensions: 40#

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COVID-19 Notice:

We want to let our customers know that we are practicing social distancing in all our transactions. We will furnish your product in clean sanitized containers without requiring any direct physical interaction with us. We prefer payment via Venmo or PayPal Family and Friends to avoid having to handle currency or checks but understand if you are unable to pay that way. We will be wearing personal protective equipment like gloves and/or masks, please don't be offended. Your feed will be moved onto the tailgate of our pickup for you to load while wearing this personal protective equipment. We hope that you can feel confident that we are doing everything possible to protect your health as you feed your livestock. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with that goal.

We are a small farm located in Ontario, Oregon. We are not a retail store and we have no employees. Our goal is to make available only the highest quality non-GMO Premium Livestock Feed to those who want or need such a product. The local mills in the Treasure Valley do not supply any feed similar to this. If you are buying anything locally please ask your supplier the hard questions regarding the sources of their raw materials, documentation of the testing for GMO in their ingredients, their training/experience in properly formulating healthy animal feeds, exposure of their products to mammal based protein materials (BSE/Mad Cow Disease Risk) and storage and freshness of their products to prevent growth of molds and yeasts. If you have questions on how to identify a truly healthy feed for your stock, please email/txt and we will get back to you asap or check our Facebook Page or Website. Thanks!



We sell by delivery only. We also service customers in Burns, Sisters, Tumalo, and Bend Oregon. Other areas will be considered. We have a few customers asking for deliveries into NW Oregon (LaGrande area), Cambridge/Council Idaho area, and are working on setting this up. Please ask for details. Cost per sack, including shipping/delivery, is as follows:

40# Non-GMO Chick Starter 22% Crumble $58.00

40# Non-GMO Quail, Gamebird, and Turkey 26% Crumble $60.00

40# Non-GMO 18% Grower Pellets $46.00

40# Non-GMO 18% Layer Pellets $46.00

40# /Non-GMO 18% Natural Environments Layer, Pellet/Whole seed mix (Special Order Only) $47.00

40# Sustainable Non-GMO 12% Corn/Soy Free Scratch $46.00

5# Sunshine in a pellet 18% (Yolk Color Supplement) $45.00

3.5# Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae (38% Protein) $45.00

40# Non-GMO Over The Moon Cattle Booster/Goat Feed (17% Protein) $TBD

40# Non-GMO Sheep Supplement (17% Protein) $TBD

40# Non-GMO Feeder Pig Feed (18% Protein) $TBD

40# Non-GMO Rabbit $46.00

40# Non-GMO Senior Horse Feed - Pricing on request

We can also provide various Horse, and Cattle feeds. Contact us for pricing.

We can also provide various Horse, and Cattle feeds. Contact us for pricing.

We sell only high quality, non-gmo, corn and soy free, livestock feed. This is not labeled "Natural" or "USDA Organic" or other meaningless marketing terms. It is made from actual pure, clean, locally sourced, domestically produced, non-GMO grains, seeds, and other ingredients by Union Point Custom Feeds in Brownsville, Oregon (http://unionpoint.com/).

This feed is produced by a small, family operated, mill in Brownsville, Oregon. I have been unable to find a source for any comparable product anywhere in the Treasure Valley or Eastern Oregon. These products are formulated by an owner/operator with decades of experience and a degree in animal nutrition from Oregon State University, and are produced using only the finest domestically sourced, non-gmo ingredients. No fillers, production waste, or garbage, only quality ingredients. (http://www.plamondon.com/wp/faq-chicken-feeding-tips/). This results in a high nutrient density feed which will provide superior nutrition to your animals which often will allow your livestock to consume less daily.

Pelleted feeds for poultry are superior to non-pelleted feeds as they reduce waste and eliminate selective eating by your flock. Selective eating lowers production and provides incomplete nutrition. This producer utilizes locally sourced and sustainably raised non-GMO grains, peas, fish meal and pumpkin seed, and other wholesome ingredients, for their protein sources and are complete and balanced rations, all without using corn or soy. Their warehouse and production facility is never exposed to any protein derived from meat/bone meals. YOU CAN'T HAVE MEAT AND BONE MEAL IN A PLANT THAT MAKES ANY FEED FOR RUMINANTS. See if your local source of feed is using or warehousing meat/bone meal in their facility as this is in violation of Federal Law and puts your livestock at risk of Mad Cow Disease which can be transmitted to humans.

A unique product we offer is Sunshine in a Pellet. This supplement is designed to be fed sparingly along with the normal corn free pelleted feed during the winter or anytime fresh green feed is limited to give you bright yellow/orange yolk color. It also supplies added Vitamin A and Vitamin D3. It is gmo-free and contains triticale, wheat, marigold meal, paprika, and other botanicals which will naturally enhance yolk color.

If you would like some of this amazing high quality feed for your flock or livestock let me know. I haul a single truckload from the Willamette Valley each month (this is an 800+ mile round trip). Supplies are limited. We offer a discount of $1.00 per bag (40#) for orders totaling 25 or more bags (1000#). Larger discounts available on higher quantities. Group order discounts available, ask for details.

All feed is non-medicated and fresh. Fresh is important. The oils in grain have a short shelf life and most major brand feeds add ingredients to try and slow down the oils from going rancid. Union Point Feed is strictly fresh with no preservatives or other non-wholesome ingredients. Most major brand feed sold locally is at least 6 months old or older. (http://unionpoint.com/ask-alice-what-is-the-shelf-life-on-feed/). Pellet size is small.

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