2/24: 3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D (Bend)

3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 1 thumbnail3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 2 thumbnail3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 3 thumbnail3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 4 thumbnail3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 5 thumbnail3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 6 thumbnail3D Modeling Class 1-on-1, Shapr3D 7 thumbnail
I am excited to share my passion for 3D design and empower others to explore their creativity! I'm Ash, your dedicated 3D printing specialist, offering personalized classes to help you dive into the world of 3D design. With my background in 3D printing, architectural design, metalworking, and woodworking, I bring a unique blend of expertise to each class.

What I offer:
* Tailored Classes: Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, my classes are customized to your level and interests, covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques. If you advance further (or are already at that level) than Class 1 and 2, we'll develop and work on a project together!
* Hands-On Learning: Get ready for interactive lessons and guided projects that provide practical experience and real-world skills.
* Flexible Options: Choose a schedule that suits you, with one-on-one sessions or small group classes available.

In Class 1, we'll focus on creating a plant pot and stand:
Part 1 - Make a Plant Pot:
* Shapr3D Navigation
* Design in mm or in
* Base plane
* Sketch
* Extrude
* Angle
* Shell
* Fillet/Chamfer
Part 2 - Make a Plant Stand:
* Front Plane
* Sketch
* Midpoint
* Arc
* Trim
* Mirror

In Class 2, we'll explore Thingiverse and learn how to navigate Bambu Slicer:
Part 1 - Thingiverse:
* Description
* Setting
* Restrictions
* Import to Shapr3D
* Section View
* Mesh Body vs Body
* Additions/alterations (If Possible)

Part 2 - Shapr3D to Bambu Slicer:
* Export
* File Saving
* Open in Bambu
* Navigation
* Resize
* Move
* Quality & Smoothness
* Texture

If we still want to embark on a curriculum, part 3, we'll create a plant trellis, covering essential techniques like arc, offset edge, points, thickness, and texture. If you want to start making your objects, we’ll begin to swell your design and see it come to life in Shapr3D!

Email & Phone: Access through Craigslist
Location: Nearest Public Library
My Site: 3DPrintedDwelling.com

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